Lowrider Customers


Before You Western Union Your Hard Earned Money!

Understand the Do's and Don'ts so you do not get RIPPED OFF!

How to Get Ripped Off

  • Most Companies mislead you by claiming the wheels they advertise are in stock, tricking you into sending your money first.
  • After receiving the money, they add charges for shipping, mounting, balancing, special tires, or any other bogus item or service charge.
  • After they receive your money they will try to switch you to another wheel brand due to them not having the items in stock.
  • When you refuse to buy the unknown wheel, they will charge you a 25% Cancellation fee or a 25% restocking fee.
  • They will hold your hard earned money for months, give you fake UPS/Fedex Tracking numbers, then when you want to cancel they will charge a restocking fee.

How to Buy Smart

  • Before you send any money research the company you are dealing with, you may check out the companies status record with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Call the wheel manufacturer to verify that the company is an authorized dealer for them.
  • Purchase using your credit card, you can lose most of your rights when sending money via Western Union.
  • If you know anyone that has purchase from the company you would like to deal with, ask how their purchase experience was.
  • You may get in contact with the Better Business Bureau by phone at: Southern California - (310)945-3154 or Northern California (916)945-3154 or Visit www.bbb.com

Example A - You call a Magazine Vendor for Wheels

"You" - How much for Lexani Iris 20 inch with Tires?

"Magazine Vendor" - $1599 Delivered to your Door!

  • The $1599 is a very attractive price it peaks your interest, our price is $2949 almost twice the "Magazine Vendors" price. Difference - Our price is the real price, you will see your wheels, its a very competitive price if you shop around from Valid Wheel Retailers.

Example B - You call a Magazine Vendor for Wheels

"You" - Do you have the Lexani Iris 20 inch with Tires in stock?

"Magazine Vendor" - Sure we do buddy just send the money!

  • You have called 10 Valid Wheel Vendors and no one has this wheel in stock, but magically the "Magazine Vendor" has anything you want in stock. Truth its not "in stock" you will Western Union your Hard Earned Money and start a 3-6 month nightmare with a company and if your real lucky you may see 75% of your money after 6 long frustrating months.