Spinning Rims Information


Spinner Information

How do Spinning Rims work?

Most Spinning Rims are attachments. They attach to existing custom wheels. There are a few exceptions to the rule. Dub Spinners and Omega Spinners are wheels and spinners all in one.

Spinning Rims are attached to regular custom wheels using special lug nuts. Once the lug nuts are in place the spinning rims have special bolts that thread into the special lug nuts. Allowing the spinning Rims attachment to be mounted to the Custom Wheel.

The actual spinning part is made much like regular Custom Wheels, with Cast Alloy or Billet Aluminum. Then a base is attached. The spinner part is then attached to the base usually with a large diameter precision bolt assembly. The spinner then rides on a heavy duty sealed roller bearing.

Which Custom Wheels can take Spinning Rims attachments?

Rear Wheel Drive Offset (RWD) Custom Wheels can take spinning rims. Reason being they are deep enough so that the spinning rims can ride inside the wheel. If the spinning rims ride outside the Custom Wheels then they can get damaged, in addition would hit the body of the car during cornering or going over bumps. Bellow is an example of a perfect Rear Wheel Drive offset Custom Wheel that will accommodate spinning rims. The BZO Colt 45.

Perfect Wheel for Spinner

This Custom Wheel has a large "Lip" at least 2 inches deep. The spinner attachment base can ride and seat where the wheel's center cap is located. This is truly a perfect wheel for spinning rims.

Front Wheel Drive Wheels have problems with Spinners

Bellow is a example of a Front Wheel Drive Offset (FWD) Custom Wheel. The problem exist with front wheel drive wheels, in that they don't have anywhere for the spinning rims to ride in. Making the spinning rim attachment stick out. This is not tolerable, the spinning rims must tuck into the wheel. The spinners must be protected and not touch any part of the vehicle, this could prove to be very dangerous.

Front Wheel Drive Offset Wheel

There is no "Lip" there is no place for the Spinning Rim to ride in. If you mounted a spinner to this wheel it would just stick out. It would not be protected, if you made a turn the spinner would most likely hit your fender. Most of all the wind would keep it from spinning properly.

Not all Wheels can take Spinners

As you can see not all wheels can take Spinning Rims. Front Wheel Drive Offset (FWD) have the biggest problems. There are some FWD Offset wheels that come with spinners, all in one combo, so that FWD Offset wheels can still have spinners.

Omega Front Wheel Drive Spinning Rims Omega Front Wheel Drive Spinning RimsDub Spinner Front Wheel Drive Spinning RimsDub Spinner Front Wheel Drive Spinning Rims

Above is the Omega Wheels in 20 inch that will take spinners and are FWD Offset Wheels, also the Dub Trump and Dub Bellegio in sizes 18,19 and 20 inch for FWD Offset Wheels. All come with spinning rims built right into the wheels. These will fit perfect on most FWD Offset Wheels.

For more information call our sales staff they have years of knowledge and can aid you in your decision making process about spinning rims.