Hub Rings - Essential for any Aftermarket Wheel Installation

Hub Rings - Take up the space between the Hub and the Aftermarket Wheel

Complete Set Hub Rings - Experience Hassle Free Installation with your New Custom Wheels

Prevents vibration when installing new Custom Wheels on your Vehicle.

Hub Rings are essential with newer vehicles due to the close tolerances now associated with todays new vehicles. Without Hub Rings your vehicle would have to rely on the lug-studs and lug nuts to center the wheels to the vehicle and in most cases you will experience vibration at high speeds without Hub Rings.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Set (4 ) or Hub Rings - Your Vehicles Hub Size(Inner Diameter) and the Aftermarket Wheels(Outer Diameter) you ordered Hub Size
Hub-Rings - Hub Rings - Essential for any Aftermarket Wheel Installation 
   Set of 4
Price: Price: $39.99
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